Monday, May 1, 2017

festival international de louisiane

Wowwwww yall so cool things happened this week!
yall remember we are in the month of festivals??
welp we had the the big one this week!! it was HUGE!
vendors lining the streets ft the la flag in the corner!
this weeks festival was Festival International de Louisiane 
it was wednesday - sunday and this festival is SO big. 
it covers probably 8 blocks by 8 blocks of downtown lafayette
and the idea is that its an international festival.. bands from all over the world come to play at the different stages around the festival
then as you are walking around to the stages there are food vendors and shopping vendors from some local lafayette vendors but then there are so many from all over the world!! ie AFRICA. there were so many from AFRICA!
I loved going around and people watching and people talking and talking to the african vendors. it was one of the coolest things I have done in a while. 

one of the vendors from africa

the sweetest lil lady vendor from some place that starts with an S in africa
had to get a pic bc she was so nice!
these guys are also from the place in africa that starts with an S.. (is there a place called sagal? i don't remember!) but they were suuuper funny. I got a woven basket from them (don't worry i actually learned how to haggle a lil bit so the price was dec) and asked for a pic with them! 
this was the funny guy and he kept running away so i had to chase him down
 hahaha he really is smiling i promise
​more rad vendors
one of the stages. not even crammed yet!
festivities <3
but we (almost our whole district) got to sign up and volunteer for part of the festival! we got a free t shirt (holla) and we went and volunteered at the kiddos section of the festival where there was really fun games and face paint and their own kid stage for kids singers and arts and crafts. WOW it was fun! we helped kids fly kites! (bc it was so so so so windy whoa. blew us over! and blew some of the big kites into the trees) 
but anyways. it was so fun and i love volunteering and getting to talk to so many people!

at the kids section with the volunteer crew!!
helping kiddos fly kites. (i <3 this lil kiddos pure joy on his face as he flies his first kite)

la companera <3
funny story: 
so after we finished volunteering we got to go walk around to see the festival for a bit. us and the other set of sisters stopped at this vendor of jewelry and then you get a free engraving. I thought it was cool but had ZERO intentions of buying anything bc i wasn't interested ya know?? (bc fun fact i have pretty dang small wrists so I dont like metal bracelets bc they dont fit my small wrists the right way) 
so anyways. we are just ya know doing the thing that you do in front of vendors when you are like "oh wow, these are cool, yea look at this one!" and then you touch everything, maybe ask what the price is, and try to put it on, find your right size, and look at it, then set it back down even though you know you're not going to buy anything... yep. you know exactly what I mean. everyone does it. 
so us sisters are all doing this, and I try on this bracelet. and it actually fits my wrist pretty well so I was like, "hey look! this bracelet actually fits my wrist! thats cool. how much is this??" 
vendor: oh thats $20
me: "oh okay" takes it off and sets it on the table starts to turn away. (bc im not even interested remember)
vendor: "hey you know what.. that bracelet looks really good on you, how much do you want it for??"
me: *thinking in my head um yea i'm really not interested in getting this so just say a realistic low number so she wont sell it* "yea I only have like... $10 bucks soo..."
vendor: "okay I'll give it to you for $10, what do you want engraved on it??"
ughhhhhhhhhhhh bad decision yall. 
by this time the elders had caught up to us, and it was all happening so fast, and she had the engraving stick thing on and ready to engrave and I didn't know what to put on it and so everyone was giving me ideas and telling me stuff to put on it and other people were coming up and then i just bought this bracelet that i dont even want and so we decided to put LA <3 JC as the engraving so shes like allllright and puts it on there and then hands it to me and I put it on and.........
it looks like crap. 
then i keep looking at the bracelet later on and....
the gold is already peeling off.
and then a couple hours later I look at it and....
its already super scratched up. 
this bracelet is legit worth maybe $2

end of festival! (ft that lil gold overpriced bracelet....lolz)
ughhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahahaha
my pooor missionary life yall. 
i've been haggled. 
but hey my district got a real hearty chuckle at it and its all good mems now :) hahahahahahahaha

in other news....
I got my trunky papers this week! aka flight itinerary and plans and luggage tags and info.... what??

one and only BR zone pdayyyy! playing sand volleyball
anyways. such is a lil section of my life!
having good times and making good mems :) 
but heyo may 1st today so that means that in one month I'll be in the sky!!
love this louisiana place of mine right now though
love yall mucho!
sister sades


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