Monday, February 27, 2017

waiting for the clouds to break

Good morning yall!
happiest monday and MARDI GRAS WISHES! (happy mardi gras tomorrow) go eat a king cake or go run and scream in the road and I think you'll catch the spirit right? #partyemoji
so here's a thing that will hopefully make yall happy! 
bell bell and I have decided as a companionship goal we need to have more fun. and do things. and one of the things we decided was to take a comp picture every single day! so its been alot of fun this week and this will be a picture letter plus some stories :)

Ms. Anne: she is such a character. She always has a story to tell every time we walk out the door. (guess we need to plan to leave an extra 10-15 minutes before we need to because we always get caught up talking to her!) she is a God fearing lady. So prayerful and rad. We hope someday when we can get a word in that we can teach her about the church! :)
Day 1: tuesday, post district meeting
Hunny came to visit meee! it was a very happy moment. love her so so much
Day 2: wednesday
a look at our normal lives. just came in for the night but this is our study desk. (i spy a cute lil fambam of mine)
Day 3: thursday
this is our CUTE lil neighbor Ms. Anne!! She is 84 and rocking!
day 4: Friday
tracting and taking a quick pic in front of an Azalea bush! these flowers are EVERYWHERE right now in all colors and its absolutely stunning. love all these plants (since it is already spring here)
also tracting. let me introduce yall to a crawfish hole/burrow whatever its called.
these are everywhere. this is what a crawfish lives in. and as you can see we were
just tracting and came across a whole yard of them. 
its casual

Day 5: saturday
remember our friend cowboy? yes. he is great. we went and visited with him
 and he had bought 10 chicks only two days old!
they. are. adorable.
We ended up having the best impromptu gourmet dinner with him. Since we couldn't go in his house without a lady there he decided to cook salmon on the fire! first was the crabmeat salad, then salmon, then strawberries for dessert. then good life chats next to the fire, staring at the flames. there ain't nothing better than this life I promise.
the cowboy himself
Day 6: Sunday
This is my favorite kids on the mission! they are from the cutest member family that has us over for dinner most sunday nights and these kids are just a hoot. 
the Hofeling clan
Zade in the back, Max in front of him, Giselle in front of yours truly, and Abe in the stripes. 
Abe picks me a cute lil wildflower bouquet every time we show up <3
giselle knows how to pose for the selfies!
we had a lil dog pile for a minute. it was really warm..... dying of heat currently in this pic
then we moved the dogpile into the designated dog pile box. #goodtimes
 but as far as how the week went in real life.. dang yall. it was rough. we had renewed determination and drive to go finding alot again this week. and it was met with a bunch of the same thing I have gotten for the last 3 transfers. 
But that really does not stop us from showing our faith! 
We strive to show our faith by tracting and then we receive blessings from that work. 
so lets goooooo!!!! #poundingthepavement #geauxfullbunny #hardinthepaint #teamrossshoutout

So moral of the story if you just want to skip to the end...
its been hard. real hard. but we are blessed beyond alllll belief. I can't even tell you how much. 
Just trying to wait in faith for those clouds to break and feel that sunshine!

sister sades

Monday, February 20, 2017

out with the old, in with the new!

so sister sades what happened to you this week?

Well let me tell you. it can be summed up in a couple words
hello st francisville
MOVED! yay!
so yea thats basically what happened this week. 
yall know about our adventures monday and tuesday #carcrash
then wednesday we volunteered at the food pantry here in st f'ville town and then the rest of the day was packing packing packing packing.
we have a very small apartment right? 
I kept looking around and saying "oh yea.. this will be a sinch. small apartment.. we barely have any stuff. all we have is our bunk beds, coffee table, study tables, our food, and our personal stuff that we stuff in our suitcases! heck yea this moving thing is easy!"
fast forward to wednesday aka actually moving. 
not easy. there is hidden things that NOBODY THINKS ABOUT
like all the cleaning supplies, medicines, vacuum/broom, iron (who even needs that anymore), our papers and papers and binders of records aka area book and friends, and our COMMISSARY. UGH. WE FORGOT ABOUT THAT. (commissary is the stuff missionaries give out. like pamphlets, pass along cards, bibles upon bibles, and book of mormons on book of mormons. and don't forget those 15 lbs large prints)
I mean like wow!!! lots of stuff!
but it was a good time. 
we just put on some christian jams and got to work! we got most of it done wednesday. 
all packed up and leaving. this is brother hall who is the member who owns the mother in law suite. we are going to miss him so much!! 
Thursday we did some real work and Friday was MOVING DAY
from the moment we woke up at 6:30 we did the finals of packing up stuff like sheets, beds, and rest of the clothes and bathroom stuff, and started loading up our truck to be packed as tightly as we could! we got a ton in there. I was very impressed with Sister Bell's real life tetris skills.
sad to leave... but ready for the adventure!

the crew came at 10 to help us tote the bigger stuff on a trailer and then we headed over to the new hood! 
the crew who helped it all happen! we are in the new apt

our apartment yall.......
we have some really nice apartments in our mission, I've just never lived in one!
actual living room!
blurry pic of our kitchen 
I had the ghetto covington apartment #termiteinfestations
the green loft #princessstatus #doesntcountasanapartment
and then this cute lil s-laughter suite.
but yall. this apartment is the nicest apartment I've ever lived it! 
WE HAVE 2 BATHROOMS. thats exciting. we have a real deal kitchen and a living room with couches and stuff. its fun :))))
(its just a normal casual apartment I just am excited bc I've never had a cool apt that makes me feel like a big kid!)
cute lil st f'ville square apts
apt A (for A++++)

the cute lil park across the street that we went and worked out at this morning! #GETFIT

also we have already seen some cool miracles happen since we've been here! we have this adorable neighbor Ms. Ann and she is 84 yrs old, so sweet, and is always outside smoking and working in her tiny tiny wildflower garden (so she knows everything about everyone in the complex. woo-oo) so she is a friendly face and a kind soul

we also saw one of our past investigators at The Francis restaurant and that was a HUGE miracle. she was actually really excited to see us and wants us to come see her this week! bonus she lives in st f'ville so its 1000x easier to see her
treated ourselves to a congratulatory lunch at the famous "The Francis" is beautiful and schwanky $$$
welcome to my hood

we drove to church in Slaughter for sunday (the only negative to moving to st f'ville is that we live 17 miles away from slaughter aka the church building) and we spent part of the day visiting some people we wanted to follow up with.
we went and visited Denae, the mom of a young family who we have been trying to catch at a time when she isn't busy and it just wasn't happening for the longest time. then we go visit her on sunday... and we have an incredible lesson with her about the restoration. best part is that it was all natural easygoing conversation. she is just so prepared that it was easy to transition to the restoration and help her see the need for the Book or Mormon and a prophet. 
so that was an incredible lesson and she is going to start reading the Book of Mormon and come to church on sunday! so we are super pumped for that. 

but yall!! things are happening! life is good! places are new!

excited to be doing work in the same branch, different town. :)

happy late valentines from us :)


sister sades

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

new things happ'n capp'n

okay remember last week when I told you to write me a letter and send it to the mission office?
and remember how you were going to write me a letter and send it to me this week? 
yea me too!!!
plot twist. 
wait just one more week......
because big news! 
We are moving to St. Francisville on Saturday!
St f'ville is a beautiful town in our area up by the Mississippi border and mississippi river. and it actually has neighborhoods and apartment complexes and a small grocery store and its BEAUTIFUL! its where lots of the plantations are. 
Pros: its an actual city! with lots of people and service opportunities and places to go!
Cons:...... its 17 miles away from Slaughter and 22 miles away from Zachary. aka far away from our church building and only current investigator and far away from other missionaries and the rest of our area!
but its all good! we'll make it work! :)
faith in february brings miracles in march!

so about these mission changes. 
mission schedge changes:
the differences: 
1. we plan in the morning! we used to plan at night. 
2. we can move comp study to wherever we want and its only has to 30 minutes
3. lunch is 30 minutes
4. we are encouraged to go to bed an hour earlier! but we both of us have to go to bed at the same time
5. we get 2 extra hours for p day woohoo! pday is from 8am-6pm
6. the numbers that we report went from 10 numbers down to 4. 
now we only report the number of baptisms and confirmations, investigators on baptism date, at sacrament meeting, and new investigators. 

It is really cool about the key indicators because instead of going and seeing some people that you know will let you in and you can get a lesson with just to make your numbers higher... you are actually pushed to go see the people that really matter, to make the lessons count so you can get people motivated to come to sacrament meeting or accept the invitation to be baptized. Its keeping the numbers as a motivator but its moving the numbers to prove that you are doing actual missionary work aka moving the work forward in this area.
its so warm here yall. its like fake summer
and we have seen alot of miracles in our mission already! our mission president, PHansen told us this week in our weekly email that our mission had an 80% increase in new investigators! that means 2.5 investigators per missionary! and that means missionaries are going out finding more and getting people to be interested about the gospel! woohoo!! that means we are doing real work. 
And thats what we did this week too!
We were able to find 3 new investigators this week that have some potential. So we are excited to meet up with them and we have faith that this move to St f'ville is inspired. :)
so lots of changes! 
its just been an adjustment because I have been on such a routine that now its just remembering the changes and how to implement them into our new lives!
so whoop-dee-doo the gospel is trueee!!
as far as what happened to us this week. 
We had ZTM aka a fun zone meeting this week! yall know I always love those and these missionaries here in  the LBRM
classic bff zone pic
after ztm lunch w da boo's!
and the rest of the crew!

We got to go to the temple again!! 
My ward mission leader from Pineville got his endowments out on Saturday so I got to attend with him for his first session. It was sooooo wonderful. I sure love the temple a whole lot and it was wonderful to see some of my favorite people who also came to support.
I love to see the temple <3 I went inside today!
to feel the holy spirit

I'll listen and obey!!!

also its mardi gras season!! wooohooooo!!!
we got to go to a great family parade on Saturday and catch some beads and have a grand ole time! it is just so fun to be in Louisiana in this season!
coming up next is CRAWFISH SEASON!!!! yesssssss
and mardiiii grasaassssss yall!
we found 3 new investigators, Larry & Kara and Ms. Shirley! they are cool and we were truly blessed by our efforts of trying to find people that God has prepared for us!

so all in all yall....
we sure are blessed. 
blessed beyond all believe to live on this beautiful earth. 
blessed to have these lives
blessed to use our brains. 
blessed to know who we really are and what that means
blessed to know who God is
blessed to feel what Christ can do for us :)

i feel blessed to know yall!!
sister sades


Monday, February 6, 2017

faith in february brings miracles in march

Happyyyy monday yall!!
here's the district fam!

This week we had 2 zone conference with Elder Golden come from the Seventy! Yall it was great. Just inspiring!! and EXCITING! I got to see a ton of my mission homies and bffs so that made me a very happy missionary. also talk about spiritually fed. powerful testimony from a general authority. 
things I learned

1. We were the lucky souls to get chosen as the role play. Luckily we were the investigators so we got to be the ones to be the investigators while Elder Golden 'contacted' us. A new approach he gave us to try is to be true representatives of Christ. Look like it, stand like it, and act like it. Come to their door and say. "Good day, we are servants for the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and God sent us to your door. We have a message for you, may we come in and share it with you for 15 minutes?"
wow. I know it kinda sounds funky when you read it but when you have a general authority look into you're eyes and tell you that he is a servant of Jesus Christ. Wow. the Spirit testified to me so strong that he, and I! are true servants of Him. 

2. I'm sure yall have heard of the new mission schedule changes and everything so we discussed a lot about what that means for us and our mission. The changes are strange! its changing up my whole mission! so I don't really know how I feel about them yet. Its alot different but I can see how it is better. It just strange to change it up right when I was getting used to everything!! haha

But all in all it was a great reminder of the importance of FAITH and that when we show our faith miracles and blessings come. faith in february yall!!!! lets get some miracles!!

I'm so sorry this email is lame but yall aren't lame!! thank you for being so great! 
then we got matching hats at the Mall of Louisiana! it was a really fun time :)
we think we're pretty cute <3
back to the Mississippi river! sunset wasn't that great but this girl is!!! <3
Love yall to bits and pieces!
sister sades