Monday, April 24, 2017


this week was forever, yea? 
but wow can I say that it was amazing???
this weekend was just so RAD. 
so here's whats going on here in laffy town. 
there is a festival every. weekend. 
our party crew
this weekend was the boudin festival!!
pronounced bo͞oˈdan   
aka a louisiana delicious thing to eat and have a festival for. 

festival fun 
check out these fun foods 
this is a boudin ball
you can get a ball or a link (like link sausage) boudin balls are yum

what a seafood boudin link looks like! boudin is meat (this is seafood),
 then dirty rice, and a lot of seasoning. (dirty rice is rice with onions, bell peppers, garlic,
 seasoning and who knows what else in it)
the original start of boudin is cased in pig intestine. 
thank goodness we aren't doing that anymore!!
snoballs save the day when its a million degrees 
the brave gators
sooo.. im just white? #brownpeopleoverwhitepeople
here's a cool story:
so we got there, we get there early enough we actually find a place to park! so we park in front of some businesses and we are genuinely happy, friendly, individuals and then you add that we are about to go to a fun festival and gearing up to talk to people aaaaand that means that the friendliness and outgoingness kind of... bubbles over!!

So here's us.. lalalalala.. carpooling with the New Iberia sisters, parking the car, getting out, just chatting, and I look over to the side of us and there is a couple still in their car with their windows rolled down. 
usually an awko-taco situation right??
lol NOT FOR MISSIONARIES. or me.. bc I'm kind of a weird individual now. 

the sista crew
so I see them and I am super pumped for life and I'm just like "well hey!! how are yall??"
and theyre like, "oh hello!" 
and then we start talking because its the south and everyone is so friendly and we are crazy missionaries and have no boundaries. 
and we start talking about how its our first time to the festival, that they are from Rayne (a neighboring town), which boudin is the best to get and just some random stuff as everyones getting out and ready to go into the festival. 
then the casual conversation is over, say see ya later, and literally dont think anything of it because little convos like these happen all. the. time. 
fast forward a lil bit to the end of our night..
we go to the main stage part and we see that same family so we go over and start talking again. 
moral of the story it ended up being the funnest night ever!!
Meet JaMyra, (the couple's grandkid) this little cutie just danced and danced and danced with us alllll night long! (aka we cheered him on as he JAMMED and rocked the dance floor)
and we became lil homies and he is a ROCKSTAR. 
but we talked to him and his grandparents about their fun life, JaMyra couldn't wait to show us the pictures of when they went fishing, and their new english bulldog puppy they got and just all sorts of things! and then on the good songs we would get up and DANCE!
it was the best. 
afterward, when we were about to leave, we were saying goodbye and ya know what. I really wanted to see them again. so explained what we were doing here and asked if we could come see them again. they agreed and we got their contact info and you know we will be going back to see them!!
look how cool it is to be a missionary. 
all throughout our night we were talking to people and had so many opportunities to explain what we were doing here because we were the funky white girls in skirts and nametags that say Jesus at a boudin festival. 
and everyone knows what we are about. 
(funny story is that when we were walking out of the festival a drunk couple looked at us and saw my camera and who we were and just yelled "JESUS PEOPLE!! WHATS UP JESUS PEOPLE?? CAN WE GET A PICTURE??") 
you know we got that pic. 

the drunk people who wanted a pic with the jesus people
and then the next day at the festival we got to volunteer!!
we were the people that gave you non-drinking or drinking bracelets :) #under21club
the arts and crafts in the daytime
myplace <3
but moral of the story. 
i love this badge. 
i love wearing a skirt.
i love looking different. 
i  l o v e  representing my savior. 
i love doing missionary work in every way that i live and everything that I do!!
this is the best life :)
sister sades
found a new fave breakfast place <3

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