Monday, March 27, 2017

the plan... or my plan?

Hollaaaaa familia!  
(we've been around the spanish missionaries too long. learning some spanish! spanish phrase for the week: Me gustan los gatos.)
speaking of... introduction to the district!!! 

in New Iberia we have: Elder solomon & Andersen, sis Knuteson & sis MANUMA! <33 love them  (me and manuma got matching hats)
lafayete spanish: elder Flores and Mccormies and english Orison and Wright!
its a grand ole time over here in laffy town :)

so some things that happened this week.. hmm.. 

Well we had another amazing lesson with Cheryl this week! We had the chance (not chance but God placed opportunity) to talk to her a little bit by herself. The conversation naturally flowed into a Plan of Salvation lesson! By this time her fiance, Tim a less active member, had gotten home and he loves to go into deep doctrine.
but its all good because Cheryl actually understands and accepts alot of it! So thats a huge blessing. 
but it was difficult at the beginning because we could see that she was getting a lil confused and frustrated at trying to picture everything and where it goes so I real quick whipped out my handy dandy Plan of Salvation kit that lays it all out as a visual. 
and it changed everything! 
It helped her with the visual that we were all living as spirits with God before we came to earth. 
that we are spirit children of God. 
that God has a definite plan for each of us, that is perfect and defined by our choices.
that we all have our agency and how God fiercely protects that
that we are set here in families to love and help each other grow even when its hard.
that we are just in a small blip of a testing period
that we not even halfway through the plan that God has for us and to keep the big picture in mind. 
that each of our choices, each decision we make determines our destiny. 
that our Savior Jesus Christ atoned for us, and those before Him and after Him. 
that because of this atonement that when we make the wrong decision.. that we can repent and do better next time. 
that the atonement makes this entire plan possible. 
that this life is not the end, because of the atonement of Christ that we will see our family and friends again. 
that we can continually repent and do better next time and teach others who don't know about this plan the same thing. 
that God loves us so so much and this plan is evidence because it shows His endless mercy.
that we (and all others who ever live) have a chance to accept Christ as our Savior
that all people get a resurrected body and what that means for those who have physical and mental conditions.
that we have ever opportunity to repent and become better before we are judged
that because of the atonement, our Savior knows exactly what we were thinking and feeling in 
that moment we chose and
that we have a Savior who knows us perfectly as an advocate for us when we are judged
that Gods plan is so merciful, He places us where we will be most comfortable, where we choose to be
that we dont just have a heaven or hell to go to but there is 3 kingdoms of glory
that each moment we have is a blessing and each choice we make is profound. 

and after this lesson and placing each little square or rectangle in place... we are able to see the full picture. 
and feel  p e a c e  in our hearts that we know this is true. 
we know that this is where we came from. 
we know that this is why we are here.
we know that this is where we are going. 

and ms. cheryl felt it. and she knows it. and she got so happy! and as we were getting up to leave and clean up the kit she said..
"wait!! dont touch it yet!! Can I take a picture? I don't want to forget it"
:')cant we all be like cheryl? its a beautiful thing when we talk about and think about principles of the gospel with child like enthusiasm. 

get excited about general conference yall!!! its this weekend! prepare yoself! I love it so much. 
words of wisdom from president hansen..
"Conference is my favorite holiday of the year!" 
Other goods from the week:
Hunny and Pop came to visit from Alec! I <3 them so so so much. so happy to see them :)
when you get this text from a sister in the ward :')))))) crying many happy tears. 
please take this special moment and text this to your sisters or elders serving in your ward or branch. it will make them cry happy tears :')
my church is Jesus's church :)

I sure love yall. 
I sure love this lafayette town. 
sister sades
 ps my lil title joke. I think I'm funny. 
the transfer before missionaries are going home they have to do this program called My Plan. its supposed to help you accept the fact that you're going home and transition and whatever. #stillnevergoinghome but it talks about keeping up scripture study and enrolling in institute and tips to keep you from going lessactive and dating (WHAT??) #nevergoinghome 
anyyyywayyyyyysss. I got an email from My Plan to tell me that I have to start soon.... lol what?? hahahhahahahhahhaha

Monday, March 20, 2017


Holllaaaaa familia!!
its me :) 
the happiest person alive :)
just smiling and laughing 24/7 :)
with my girl sis ferre :)
here in my Laffy town :))
So miracles this week. aka since I've been in Lafayette! There are SO MANY!
Ready? okay here we go
1. Fran: 
Heres how she met the sisters! (sis ferre's version)
"So we were store contacting on Wednesday and Sister Beck had the impression that we needed to go and see a less active, Rhonda. She also felt prompted that we needed to be done Store Contacting by 8pm to head over to Rhonda's. So we went over there and Rhonda didn't answer..... we were super confused, and started walking through the complex back to our car. While on our way back a car pulled up and this nice lady got out and started to unload groceries. She was all by herself and we both felt prompted to talk to her and to offer to help her. And of course we did just that and of course her first response was no I am good, thanks though. Well we said "Are you sure? We have 4 extra hands to help :)" She then said okay and started handing us groceries. We got to her apartment and she asked us to knock the door, because her Husband would be freaked out because no one every knocks on there door. So we did, and the look on her Husbands face, James, was so confused and funny! I just said we have groceries for you! :) and then Fran, his wife peaked her head in and said they offered to help! Lol it was really funny. Then she was walking back to her car to move it and we started talking, and one of the first questions she asked us was what church do y'all go to? She said that she has been searching for a church! She seems really interested so that was SO COOL! She told us a lot about her life, and she has 6 kids, but only 2 of them live with her. After we said bye we got into the car and we just sat there AMAZED and the Miracle that had just happened!
So our first lesson this week we talked a little about the Plan of Salvation, because that is where the conversation took us, and then she was asking questions about The Book of Mormon! WHAT!!!! We got to explain it to her and it was an amazing experience. Then while we were just talking, before we extended an invite, she said I am coming to church on Sunday! AHHHHHH WHAT! Can you say GOLDEN! Anyway Sunday rolls around and guess who came! I am sure that you got it by this point. FRAN! She loved everything about it. She loved how one on judges about loud kids, and everyone is just very excepting. She stayed for 2 hours and after Gospel Principles she leaned over to me and said It is already over???? I don't want to leave. (she had to go home to take care of her kids, but she is going to bring them next week) Then she texted us later that day and said that she really enjoyed it again!"
So yea. Fran is incredible. The sisters met her about a week before I came and then I got to follow up with her! that second paragraph is where I came in. It was so so cool to testify to her and then see the change in her. She was so much happier! My favorite part was just like sis Ferre said... She didn't want to leave church! shes incredible. (havent been able to meet with her this week bc they have been sick :(( but that was an incredible miracle first week here.
2. Trudy: We went spirit lead ward roster finding in a farther away part of our area. Trudy's neighbor is a less active that we visited. We knocked the surrounding houses and found Ms. Trudy! a strong, stalwart lady who had to sit in a chair on her porch as she told us that she has a 14 year old son Sean, and she been battling breast cancer & spinal cancer for the past year on March 31st. They also got a foot of water in their home from the August flood. She is a true champion who wept when we listened to her story and told her how strong she was and testified to her that God is aware of her. He is listening to her. and our Savior Jesus Christ knows exactly what she is feeling. and He will carry our burdens with us and make them lighter. This was a beautiful experience. 
3. Our neighbors, Harvey and Sheniqua:
Met them my very first day in Lafayette! That night we were coming in to our apartment and our neighbors under us were trying to move a couch into their apartment. they were struggling so we offered our help! and they accepted. 
It was just a really quick contact but it made all the difference! We found out they were moving in that day and so that means that we get to bring them St Patties brownies and welcome to the neighborhood! They are so busy it was a miracle we got in contact with them. then we saw them at our pool and one thing leads to another we invited Sheniqua and her sister to church and we have a lunch date with Sheniqua! They are a really cool couple and haven't got a church yet since they just moved here..... you know what that means ;)
4. Cheryl: HUGE MIRACLE! 
One day this week we started calling all the phone contacts in our phone. (This is a common occurrence because we get switched around and dont know anyone! I've done it in 3/4 or my areas) anyways. we were calling! and we had so many people answer! we probably called 40 people, probably about 15 answered, and every single one of them wanted to meet with us (with the exception of one guy) LIKE WHAT THAT NEVER HAPPENS. 9 appointments!
Cheryl is one of these phone calls. She has been going through alot and had gotten a new phone with a new number and was planning on shutting her old phone off THAT AFTERNOON that we called her. wow. 
We met with her and her boyfriend/fiance (less active with a strong testimony) yesterday and it was AMAZING. so spiritual. We listened to their stories but didn't get the full story. Its still very private and personal to them. but we were praying our hearts out for the Spirit to lead us and it ended up being so so spiritual and exactly what they needed. we talked about gaining a testimony for yourself, its going to be hard but worth it, and then the importance of action. It was cool to feel the Spirit lead us in the way that Cheryl needed. Instead of going into a lesson we listened and asked questions and shared personal stories. She also felt the Spirit and was emotional! When we were leaving they kept thanking us for coming and just kept saying how the timing in life is perfect and that its time for church and all of this. IT WAS SO COOOL.
5. Eunice and her family
to be continued....
6. CHURCH (wk 1&2) 
LOVE this ward!! its so so big and SO MANY PEOPLE! I love it :) 
we had one family visit from Texas and they brought their nonmember family to church with them to our ward on sunday and want them to take the lessons! (2 new investigators)
we had a less active sister that we had been trying to contact come to church with her young family and wants her fiance to take the lessons! (1 new investigator)
we had a young man bring a non member friend to church! (elders investigator) 
and the ward is so friendly and kind :)
They are missionaries all by themselves!! its amazing. I LOVE IT HERE!
pic of the dayyyyyyy Blonde. because for some reason this week everyone has been talking about being blonde to us. about how all missionaries are blonde and we fit the stereotype for mormons and utah. that the stereotype of utah is that everybodies blonde. like what? (not that I havent heard it before but like... 10 people in one week?) and the funny part is that sister ferre and I are the only blonde missionaries in Lafayette since... 8 missionaries ago!!
anyways long blonde rant. 
we went and toured this catholic church! it was rad! and very interesting
this is one of 3 oldest oak trees in the US! the other is in Mandeville (my first area that I already went and saw!)
 the trunk of that tree is 9 ft across
this is our sweet tour guide Ms. Jan!! hehe shes a hoot
catholic Jesus! (sacred heart)
my booooo
True love <3 cutting an onion for me :') <-literal tears bc onion and laughing
touristing while missionarying
I love yall so much and I am so so happy to be a missionary :)
God is so aware of lil ole me in this Laffy town and what I need. and it is this!! 
I love this life that I have!
sister sades

Monday, March 13, 2017


with SISTER FERRE who I love so so much
and we are in a HUGE CITY. 
I am currently in shell shock because there are so many people here and so many things to do and people to see! 
the work is POPPIN here. 
I have so so much to tell yall and I cant wait. but have zero time. (the lib is closing as i type)
but I can seriously just tell yall that God is so aware of us and blesses us beyond all belief. 
enjoy some extremely brief descriptions of one of the longest and greatest weeks ever and more to come. 
my sistrict sisters <333 love them 
we put the FUN in dysfunctional!
our combined p days! zachary and denham district
real dysFUNctional
some goodbyes :( investigators the BROWNS (amber came to church yesterday and I missed it :((()
the halls who we used to live with (sis hall fell and has black eyes)
my fave hofeling fam!
crazy business. me and sister pfleger. my girl p fleg is home now :') RIP (see you in boise boo)
she crowned me with this crown because I AM OFFICIALLY THE OLDEST SISTER IN THE MISSION WHAAAAAAAT (no sisters go home this transfer and I go home by myself)
my people <3 p-fleg, hardick, deakin
amezcua <3 shes home!
happy happy and sad sad bye for now!
headed to our new areas!! me and my girl manuma!
stopped at a must see Stevens fine dining fried chicken. (the best ever. anyone who passes by lafayette comes here)
my new sistrict! Knuteson, manuma in new iberia branch and ferre and belnap in Lafayette!
a cute lil lady in the ward <3 ms. kate who loves fast cars and has blue hair!
treating ourselves bc we are besties ft. the humidity
cleaning out the apt! wowie wow wow

Monday, March 6, 2017


moral of the story is...

this is my first time getting transferred and having no clue where to! so it will be interesting to see what happens yall :) prayers for me!
but for real. this week has been a roller coaster and lots of emotions but overall its been a great time. Alot happened so I'm going to send yall through a bunch of pictures again!
This week we had zone meeting!! love this crew <3333 my pals
stopped by Bass Pro shop on the way home. 
this place is a louisiana disney world!
Exchanges with the godess Manuma!!! love her so much <3 glad she's my STL ;)
 she's an inspiration to me of dedication and service and consecration to God.
the Southern Belles :) 
saying goodbye to my people here in s-Laughter town
Virginia from the food pantry
Kellie Jo <3
The Brians!! ft crawfish boil #1!!!!
Cowboy :)
Happy Mardi Gras on Tuesday this week!!!! we had district meeting :)
ate at a members house that night and she made a homemade king cake!
this is the best king cake I have ever had <3
had to buy a shower curtain for the new apt. yall know what I chose. 
My view on the daily #slyface
real talk time:
I have loved serving in my lil s-Laughter town. I have learned so much and loved harder. Learned about me as a person in my struggles here and how to rely even harder on my Savior and ESPECIALLY in accepting God's will and trusting Him in all things. but its time to go and see different things! 

sister sades