Monday, May 22, 2017

happyyy over here

whooooaaaaaaaaa yall.
this week has slightly felt like an eternity. 
it was only a week ago that it was mothers day? feel like a month!
none the less its been wonderful :) much more chill than last week so that is good!
if i had a theme for this week it would be  [ h a p p y ]
a. we went to the temple this week :))) very happy bc i love to see the temple. every time i feel an abundance of God's love. 
e hall, gordon, belnap, ferre
i <3 to see the temple

been a stormy week yall! sososososoosososososo humid. cant even tell you how humid. so thick and sticky. but beautiful!
b.  zone conference. the finale. gave my go home testimony! and the hansens (my mission presidents) last zone conference. was edified by some spiritual giants.

c. these things mean seeing friends all week = very happy
the orys <3

my boo steve :)
d. cheryl is still on date for this saturday morning at 10am!! PLEASE keep praying for her though. anything can happen, there is so much against her! she needs mucho prayers. 
but she is stellar. quote from her yesterday at church is, "aw man, i just love this church!!" :)))
e. visited a man who has serious cancer and has extremely limited time left, I asked him, "mr. bo. what life advice would you give us?"
a dying mans advice "make every moment count. be happy. make other people happy. everyday make someone smile and have them do the same for someone else. but just be happy."
f. had interviews with president hansen and we talked about our rad ward here and the work here. at the very end of my interview he said, "you look happy! you look really happy, sister belnap." 

and you know what yall. I am happy. 
i am so so happy. 
i couldn't have asked for a more perfect mission for me. at a more perfect time, at a better place, or people. 
happiness is chosen and happy is what I want to be!
those questions, "what are your plans post mission?" used to unnerve me and scare me. but now with a new view on life, i have an answer.
who knows what im going to be doing in a year from now or 6 months from now or heck even 2 weeks from now..
i just know i'm going to be happy while doing it!
if there's one thing i want to be when i grow up its happy :)

and happiness comes from God!
in zone conference, sister hansen shared her instruction that when we know we are truly a child of God, we should never feel worthless. 
I know that for me being a child of God means more than having worth. it means a purpose and a responsibility. purpose to make my way back to live with God and a responsibility to help my brothers and sisters to come back as well. 
and when i keep this in mind... 
it makes me so happy!! it makes life fulfilling. 
still crazy weather so we decided to embrace it and get wet anyways with a water balloon fight :)
anyways this is a lil section of my week!
i appreciate and love yall so much!
love this life, love this earth :) 
sister sades

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