Monday, May 15, 2017

missionary work explosion

exchanges with MANUMAAAA my pseudo companion of my mission
volunteering at Vermillionville teaching chiren how to make ragdolls
also got to tour vermillionville! its beautiful and so is this girl manuma
finish the story: 
heavenly father wanted to test every bodies faith during fast sunday lots of nonmembers there..
so the elders picked up a former investigator that week and invited him to church and he actually came!
he got up to bear his testimony right at the first which I thought was pretty cool and brave. 
but then... once he got up.. and started talking.... is where it went very south. 
the summation of his testimony is that no one can judge him. no one can judge him except God and Jesus. and since no one can judge him its whats on the inside that counts and no one can judge him and he doesn't care what any of us are thinking about him. and no one can judge him and so thats why he is going to doo...... this. AND THEN HE STARTS UNBUTTONING HIS SHIRT. 
luckily he has a t shirt on underneath.. also luckily our bishop is the greatest and on top of things so before he got tooooo far bishop stood up and talked to him for a second... and then, embarrassed, he buttoned his shirt back up and then continued talking for another 10-15 long excruciating minutes about how no one can judge him but God and he doesn't care what anyone thinks about him at all... except for his ex-girlfriend. then proceeds to tell us too much info about their relationship, how she broke up with him, how devastated he is and would do anything to get her back. but also how no one can judge him except God. 
like what? 
ugh. esta bien but I could do anything except switching from squeezing sister ferre's arm to death and then slamming my palm to my forehead. also just praying and praying and keep praying that the nonmembers would suddenly go deaf or get extremely distracted or something. UGH.
*after sacrament meeting, tried to go talk to andrew again and get his info... he wasn't interested. :(

So welcome to this week! its been incredible!
this week just EXPLODED. 
remember last week when we had big goals and big plans and we already started seeing miracles and it had only been a couple days?
yall. that is what happens when you completely humble yourself and put all the work and all the trust and all the sacrifice and all the obedience into God's hands. 
and then go out and doooooo something about it.
so we prayed, set goals, prayed, made plans, prayed, then called a bunch of people and made routes!
this week we went on 2 sets of splits (each of us went with a different sister in the ward so we can cover more ground), went out with 2 members, and also went on exchanges!
soooo busyyy.. but it was amazing. i loved every second of it!
master chef amber taught us how to make gumbo this week! 

but here's the real tender mercy of the week.
when we were doing our big planning session last week we were thinking about Cheryl, our most amazing and progressing investigator, and specifically praying about a baptism date for her, we had prayed and thought about two dates but more strongly about May 27th. that morning when sister ferre and I planned for our day on sunday we made a goal to have a lesson after church to meet with Cheryl and ask her about baptism and the dates.
I was talking to Cheryl before relief society started about a 10 yr old boy who is getting baptized next weekend. 
before I knew it Cheryl gets real serious and says,
"I want to get baptized. What would it take for me to be baptized before you leave?"
me: *jaw drops. wow cheryl! thats actually something we have been praying about and we thought about May 27th as a good day for you to be baptized. 
the very second I said the day "May 27th", Cheryl's eyes immediately filled up with tears and she started crying. she just kept saying, "yes. I know it. I just know it. This is it." 
the spirit was so there and it was a really special moment. :') 
i <3 cheryl
i <3 the spirit
but another tender mercy is that we set really high goals this week and we achieved and exceeded them! we officially have one investigator on date for baptism, we had 4 investigators at church on sunday and we met 5 new investigators this week. it was truly a miracle week!!
and this next week will be even busier and more exciting so stay tuned!! 
big milestone for me this week! hit 18 months on the mish
love this place of mine <3
so we had to celebrate!
i love yall mucho mucho and loved talking to yall yesterday!
can wait to see what this week holds :)
#prayersforlaffytown & cheryl
sister sades
we saw this gator on exchanges in a swamp.
 i was scared but #soworthit

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